About Me

27  â€¢  Irish  â€¢  Male  â€¢  He/him  â€¢  175cm

Emerald Isle dweller, raised in green fields and farms. A real "culchie" boy who ironically prefers being in big towns and cities. Eldest of three siblings, younger than three half-siblings; piggy in the middle of the entire family from both sides.

First Class Masters degree recipient, full time software engineer, mainly working from home. Quite awkward but outwardly sociable. Very passionate about interests.

Picky eater. Terrible sleeper. Nail biter. Cannot drive. Awfully ADHD.

Artwork above © brg9u

Get to Know Me

Music ― Completely personality moulding passion. The most important thing to me. Not a performer or creator of music, although I have tried to pick up drums and bass in my teens. Never stopped seaching for new music ever since I flicked through my dad's folder of random tunes on the old family Dell Optiplex GX280.

Hard to go a single minute without having some section of a song in my head on loop. Seeing certain words that path diretly to a track titled the same, or hearing certain sound fragments and either associating them with an existing track or inventing something of my own is like an unconscious activity my brain engages in many times a day.

I actively try to share and discuss music with people of a similar level of interest. I'm quite poor at accurately conveying how a particular track, release or artist makes me feel, be it written or spoken, but any form of expression is readable and valid so I try my best to spill out the images music conjures up in my head.

Planning to invest in analog production equipment like modular synthesis and drum machines, but also possibly guitar and keys.

Design ― I have been an innately creative kind of person all my life, only acting on my impulses in-or-around 2012. Since then I have slowly built up my own interpretation of graphic design. My influences aren't direct but I like to blend pre-war Belle Époque design with cosmological theming and a semi-Nu-Brutilst tone.

I take interest in and hold strong opinions of; Architectural design, UI / UX, Information design, Fashion (below), Product design, etc. I'm looking at you "Y2K" and late-stage brutalism...

Fashion ― A late blooming passion, only coming into fruition as a core personality trait of mine in late 2018. Through casual researching and online window shopping I slowly cultivated and evolved my own style year-on-year. Primarily got into footwear and have amassed a sizable collection to dictate my vibe for the day. Hats are dope too, I wear them a lot.

A nice, well looked after and integrated pair of shoes can pull together an outfit and put your personality on display. I will absolutely flame your ass if yo shoes raggedy though.

Photography ― Newest hobby of mine; Invested in a very good piece of kit to effectively never have to rely on my phone's useless cameras. An avenue of creativity I've always unconsciously partook in but the barrier to entry has always been high.

I want to be able to capture important moments more reliably and vivdly without frustration, as well as more interpersonal keepsake photos that I have neglected to take ever since I had access to a phone with a camera.

Motorsport ― Particularly single-seater series', more specifically Formula 1. The history, element of unpredictability, and context-heavy nature of the sport is what keeps me clued into every race weekend, in all categories I follow. I do turn a blind eye to the likes of NASCAR, endurance racing and modern rally though. Also have a reasonable knowledge and interest in motor history / super cars.

Misc ― Fragrances:  Good smells, good mood. â€¢ Alcohol:  Cider, lambic, vodka, creme liqueurs. Draft > everything else. â€¢ ASMR:  It's good white noise when you are not in the mood for music, and for helping me sleep. â€¢ All things sweet:  I miraculously do not have diabetes.

Where to Find Me

Twitter  â€¢   Discord: blanckq  â€¢   Telegram  â€¢   Tumblr  â€¢   Steam
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